We are the DEGREED, certified leaders of the Singing River Healthplex. The promise of our brand (BE EMPOWERED) is that we’ll empower you to hit a personal record every week that you train with us. Our purpose is to empower the whole person – body, mind, heart and spirit. Our Empowerment Squad will help you to rise above guilt, labels, and stereotypes. We’re on a quest to be the best training studio in the United States.

Our mission – In the Healthplex Power Club or outside of it, where ever opportunities arise, we exist to give members the most empowering exercise experience possible. The 4 main programs of BE EMPOWERED are BE LEAN (the re-composition program), BE BRAVE (the heart & lung program), BE STRONG (the powerlifting program) and BE FAST (the speed & agility program).

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Be Lean® is a results-driven, calorie-blasting, metabolism-boosting routine! It is expertly programmed and is ideal for you if you desire an exciting, energetic workout. Whether you’re experienced or brand new to exercise, Be Lean® will sculpt your body and tone your muscles into the physique you’ve always craved. This innovative routine comes with 24 sessions, a sample meal plan, a cardio tracker, and a graphical layout of your results! ALL ABOUT THE INCHES!

Be Strong® combines all the hottest functional movements with traditional barbell exercises. This ground breaking, periodized approach to weight lifting was expertly programmed to make you stronger and fitter. This results-driven routine is for men and women of all ages. It’s also for new exercisers or experienced lifters. Be Strong® has been battle-tested and refined for over a decade and we can say with full confidence, it is THE BEST strength program on planet Earth! RAISE THE BAR!

“I wanted to be strong, without hurting myself. I wanted to lose weight and firm up without walking, running, or jumping around. BE STRONG fit the bill!! Fun, never boring, and I’ve lost 30 pounds and 5 dress sizes. Can’t wait to see where I am next year!”
~ Mary B

“When I inquired about the best way to achieve my goals of losing fat and gaining muscle, the trainers at Healthplex suggested BE STRONG as the way to go. Since enrolling in BE STRONG, I’m leaner, stronger, and have noticed better body definition…..and the scale is really moving! Needless to say I’m thrilled with my results.
~ Toshja Chute

Be Brave® is a 5-20 minute, results-driven program that is guaranteed to get your heart pounding and sweat pouring! This highly-effective program is ideal for you if you want an energetic, athletic, results-oriented workout. It’s inspired by functional integrated exercises and is great for the experienced movers, as well as brand new movers. Be Brave® is for the time-pressed mover, and anyone who wants a to have fun. If you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, the search is over. MOVE LIKE A BOSS!

“My intentions were to try it for 1 month. I like the challenge, and I realized that I needed the accountability. TWO YEARS LATER, I’m still doing it. Now, at age 54, I’m in the best shape of my life. I am more toned and stronger than ever! BE BRAVE has taught me the technique of training. I feel great!”
~Sandy H

Be Fast® is a progressive movement program that will take your athletic performance to the next level. It is expertly programmed to increase your strength, speed and mobility.

Custom Stretch

The perfect flexibility program tailored specifically for YOUR body! First, we take you through a movement screen to identify your problem areas. Then, we customize a stretching program to get your body back in balance.

Description: Whether you’re experienced or brand new to exercise, Singing River Healthplex has a result-oriented program that is guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

You will receive:

  • A fitness consultation
  • A phone app orientation
  • A tailored exercise program built by DEGREED trainers for YOUR body.

Time-pressed? Live too far away from the Healthplex? Prefer to work out in the comfort of your living room? Your solution is Online training with the Empowerment Squad of the Singing River Healthplex.