– Pin Seekers –

The Ultimate Golf Program

If you desire to take your golf game to the next left, Pin Seekers is your Ace in the hole! Whether you’re a “hacker” or you’re a seasoned veteran, this innovative, results-driven program will have your driving the ball much further!

This is our Guarantee:

  • 7% increase in your strength every 2 weeks
  • 33% increase in your mobility
  • 33% increase in your power

This 9-week, progressive program utilizes functional movements on land & on our Boga® Aqua-Boards. You will enjoy 2, one-hour training sessions per week.

On top of the 18 sessions,
we’ll chip in several complimentary perks, such as:

  • Sample Meal Plan = $0
  • A Fitness Assessment before-and-after = $0
  • At-Home MObility Cheat-Sheet = $0

Only 6 spots available!
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