Group Blast® is 60 minutes of cardio training that uses The STEP® in highly effective, athletic ways. It will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring as you improve your fitness, agility, coordination, and strength with exciting music and group energy. HAVE A BLAST!


Group Centergy® will grow you longer and stronger with an invigorating 60-minute mind-body workout. It incorporates yoga and Pilates fundamentals with athletic training for balance, mobility, flexibility, and the core. Emotive music drives the experience as you breathe and sweat through this full-body fitness journey. REDEFINE YOUR SELF.


Group Fight® is a gripping hour that burns a ton of calories and builds total-body strength. Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness! From the boxing ring to the fighting cage, Group Fight combines cutting-edge moves with thrilling music. This electric experience is addictive! FIGHT FOR IT!


Group Power® maximizes your workout results with one hour of cutting-edge strength training! Get muscle strong and movement strong when you combine traditional strength training with functional exercises and the revolutionary science of Loaded Movement Training, using an adjustable barbell, body weight, and heart-pounding music. POWER UP!


Water exercise is an excellent way for those with arthritis to build up strength, ease stiff joints, and relax sore muscles. Water buoyancy greatly reduces the pressure on your joints, making it easier to perform needed range of motion.


Take your workout to the pool for this invigorating non-impact class. Participants will use water resistance to develop strength and cardiovascular endurance. This class is ideal for those who want a complete workout that is gentle on the body. No swimming experience is necessary.


A high energy water aerobics class. You will learn how to reach a challenging level of intensity through manipulating resistance, speed, and the type of movement.


Group Core trains you like an athlete in 30 action-packed minutes. A strong core, from your shoulders to
your hips, will improve your athletic performance, help prevent back pain, and give you ripped abs!
Expert coaching and motivating music will guide you through functional and integrated exercises using
your body weight, weight plates, a towel, and a platform – all to challenge you like never before. HARD


Barre utilizes traditional ballet moves to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen muscles. It focuses on hips, thighs and glutes. Pilates focuses on core strength.

The H.I.I.T.

High Intensity Interval Training has become super popular for a reason – it gives results. We can guarantee that no 2 workouts of HIIT will be exactly the same!


An indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training.


Tai Chi is a class focused on creating balance within the body and also stretching and releasing common areas of pressure and tension. Careful attention to posture and positioning during this class helps the participant to become self-aware of these areas and awakens insights into proper alignment techniques. The class focus is to help release muscular tension and increase muscular relaxation.


Senior Flex and Tone is not your typical senior class. It starts with 15 minutes of low impact cardio followed by 15 minutes of toning. Then followed by a 5 or 10 minute segment of stretching and cool down.


Learn the essence of relaxation through stretches, postures and improved breathing techniques all from the comfort of a seated position.


Focuses on body alignment, balance, stretching and breathing, promoting physical and mental well-being.