Beach Body Boot Camp

Members and non-members, learn the cutting edge secrets that will forge your body into the elite physique you’ve always desired! This circuit-based program is designed to incinerate calories and tone muscles to get you ready for the beach. It centers around interval training and precision nutrition. After all, summer will be here before you know it!

When does it start?
  • June 15 or 16, depending on which small group time-slot you choose.
  • Lasts four weeks
Where is it?
  • Training sessions are held at the Singing River Healthplex located on the 1st floor of the Singing River Medical Park. The Singing River Medical Park is located just about 1,000 yards east of the Singing River Hospital.
  • 3101 Denny Avenue, Suite 100, Pascagoula, MS
What are the time-slots?
NOTE: We can do private sessions or buddy sessions (2 people). The time-slot will be mutual, between you and your trainer.
What’s the investment in my health?
  • $13.50 per small-group training session (member price)
  • We’re flexible as long as the sessions are purchased before they happen.
How do I sign up?
Reserve your spot over the phone by calling (228) 471-1595

Have additional questions?